“A region filled with natural wonders and ancestral traditions”

Santa Marta is one of the first cities to be colonized by Bolivar. The architectural heritage, beautiful landscapes, and cultural diversity make this the perfect natural paradise and an unforgettable destination.

Santa Marta tours: Places to visit

Santa Marta and surrounding areas

A region filled with natural wonders and ancestral traditions

  • Discover the beauty of this colonial city and learn about its interesting past, influenced by the famous explorer Simon Bolivar.
  • Enjoy relaxing days on the beach and a wellness day in a spa.
  • Experience Tayrona National Park, a national treasure and ecological park, that is absolutely breathtaking.
  • Explore the ancient ruins of a Prehispanic city and discover the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta.
  • Discover the beauty of nature in Minca, including bird watching and a blue water sinkhole.
  • Take your first steps in La Guajira and enjoy the wonderful beaches and bohemian vibe in Palomino.
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