What to see in San José del Guaviare, the gateway of the Colombian Amazon

What to see in San José del Guaviare, the gateway of the Colombian Amazon

Colombia is worldwide known for the diversity of its landscapes and the warmth of its people, which invites you to visit the most remote places in the country. Today we will tell you what to see in San José del Guaviare, where the plains and jungle combine in a majestic manner.

San José del Guaviare, a land full of rivers (Colombian Amazon)

If something stands out from a city like San José del Guaviare, it is the presence of rivers in any of its limits. And it is not for less, because in this place the door is opened to enter the imposing Colombian Amazon jungle.

In fact, the city is located on the banks of the Guaviare River, and very close to it is possible to find other attractions such as Laguna Negra and Laguna Grande.

Although San José del Guaviare is a small city, it is the capital of the Guaviare Department with approximately fifty thousand inhabitants. This city can be an interesting base of operations to carry out activities of adventure tourism and ecotourism in the nearby areas.

Chiribiquete Colombia

La Lindosa and Chiribiquete are the two must-sees of this adventure

San José del Guaviare is relatively close to places that will amaze any visitor. In any of the places, you will lose yourself in the spectacle of colors and sounds that the jungle will show you.

Of course, local people also will teach you their culture, and you may encounter any member of the indigenous peoples has inhabited these lands for hundreds of years, such as the Nukak or the Carijona.

Keeping those experiences in mind, these are some places that you cannot miss:

SerranĂ­a La Lindosa

In general, rock art in South America is not usually associated with jungle territories but is more known in the Andean areas. However, in La Lindosa you will find a magnificent exponent of painting in the jungle, worthy of being considered as an open-air museum.

It is a place considered as one of the areas with the most important presence of rock figures in the world, and must not be left out during a trip to San José del Guaviare.

There, the populations that occupied the area for centuries, have left archaeological treasures that are composed of drawings reflecting their lifestyle, beliefs and traditions.

In the same way, the natural landscape of La Lindosa is adorned by impressive rock formations that transport you to millions of years ago. A unique and breathtaking experience!

Sierra de Chiribiquete

To complete a luxurious tour amidst nature, the schedule to San José del Guaviare should include a walk to the Sierra de Chiribiquete, one of the most remarkable of all the Amazonian mountain formations.

Additionally, in this beautiful place, you can appreciate cave drawings with the uniqueness of being right in the middle of these millenary mountains.

One of the most exotic ways to travel to Chiribiquete is by a plane trip, which will make you feel inside a movie set.

Other attractions of San José del Guaviare

This magical land seems inexhaustible, and in a certain way, it is. Therefore, if you are still looking for more activities to enjoy it, then you must take into account these other amazing places within the area:

  • Natural Wells, ideal for a relaxing bath in the middle of Caño La Esperanza.
  • Natural Bridges, formed by single groups of rocks in a nearby area to the trail of El Retiro.
  • Nature Reserve El Diamante de Las Aguas, where exploring nature will never be the same as before, as it contains several caves and reddish-hued wells in its area.

San jose guaviare

Now that you know what to see in San José del Guaviare, we leave you some tips before your trip:

  • The Amazon is usually humid and hot, therefore rains are frequent.
  • Bug repellent should never be left out.
  • Cuisine of San JosĂ© del Guaviare is delicious, so do not forget to try the “moquiao” fish accompanied with casabe.
  • The people of San JosĂ© del Guaviare as in all the Colombian Amazon, are usually quite friendly so you must remember to be also friendly with them.
  • Excursions to San JosĂ© del Guaviare may include airplane rides, canoeing and hiking.

Finally, prepare your adventurous spirit to travel a territory full of life, because the jungle of Colombia will never be as you imagined, but even better!