The 6 cities with the best quality of life in Colombia

The 6 cities with the best quality of life in Colombia

Colombia has become a very important country for tourism, to the point that many want to stay living in it. But we must consider several factors to have a comfortable life according to the needs of those who want to live the experience of the Colombian country.

The conventional way of living and working has changed a lot, since there are already digital nomads and it is they who are generating the creation of new spaces to work and live, spaces with internet access, drinks, food, relaxation and where there is the possibility of networking.

The idea of ​​meeting people of all kinds of careers, jobs, places and cultures is super exciting and a great motivation when deciding the final place to form that dream life.

For this election, several points were looked at: the treatment of tourists, Wi-Fi, workspaces, medical care, security, cost of living, among others; taking into account several testimonies of people who decided to come to Colombia.


Medellin is ranked number one. Being known as the city of eternal spring, many seek it to live in it, it is true that the weather is wonderful all year (approximately 21 to 25 ° C). The city is in a rapid and significant technological, social and economic development, so it becomes a very interesting destination to create business and connect with collaborative networks, as well as improving its lifestyle.

This position begins by being recognized as the friendliest city in Colombia. The treatment that foreigners receive and anyone who visits Medellín is warm, they are all “parceros”.

The workspaces are many and keep in constant evolution, always looking for the comfort of anyone who makes use of them. Medellín also has one of the best Wi-Fi networks in the country, where access is free and facilitates work anywhere in the city.

Another point that positions it, is everything related to health and medical services. Colombia is ranked # 22 in the world health ranking among 191 countries and has 9 of the best clinics and hospitals in the Latin American ranking, these located in Medellin.

Medellín has a great diversity of flora, besides being surrounded by huge mountains. This offers the possibility of connecting with nature. The air quality is changing, it has not been the best, but the State seeks to implement measures of medium-fast effect to improve this important point.

The city is being valued, because it has everything mentioned and an incredible transportation system, a great diversity of places to have fun and a huge improvement in the safety of the city are added. Even so, the cost of living is not very high, since everything is close and the ease of being completely comfortable in a stratum 3 or in a stratum 6 is a very high possibility.

As Zach, an expat from Chicago, mentions: “Before everyone was looking for Florida to invest and retire, then Costa Rica, now the star destination for a happy life is Colombia and there is no city that compares to Medellin.”

So, what are you waiting for to know this warm, beautiful and spring city?

The city of Eternal Spring


Being the Colombian capital, everyone seeks to know it as a cultural and historical reference of the country. It offers an extensive list of places to visit and activities to perform, among these are the number of museums, art galleries, concerts, theaters, restaurants and events in general, being the city of Colombia with greater artistic and cultural diversity.

Being a large city, with more than 7 million inhabitants, the number of workplaces it offers is much more extensive than any other city, but Wi-Fi, even being excellent, is in second place after Medellín.

It is easy to walk around the city and its public transportation has wide coverage, but if you want to have a car, that is where Bogotá lowers its score a bit, since the traffic of the city is wide and somehow tedious.

The quality of life is excellent, but it is one of the most expensive Colombian cities, to start forming a life in a comfortable way, it is recommended to look for something close to the center or the option to share a space, this to decrease the cost of living by Start in the big city.

The weather in Bogotá is cold (usually between 14 and 20 ° C), so it is better to have a few divers in the closet and maybe one or another scarf. Bogota’s treatment of visitors to the city is also a bit colder, but it is their turn to see many people visiting Bogotá and of course, being the point that everyone should see to soak up the history of Colombia.

Bogota at night


Small, but with an excellent quality of life. Manizales is one of the cheapest cities in the country where comfort is great and the treatment of manizalitas is outstanding.

It is a little cold talking about the weather, but the air quality allows you to live in complete tranquility. It has the opportunity to approach nature and history for its large network of Ecoparks and cultural spaces such as museums and monuments. Transportation is easily accessible but does not have the best coverage of the place.

Now, it is cheap and comfortable, the friendliness is excellent for not being a city of tourist encounter and the quality of life may surprise you, but to work it does not count the most appropriate spaces, since access to Wi-Fi is very difficult and does not offer adequate places for people like digital nomads.

A beautiful place to live, but for the right reasons.

Manizales, Caldas


A very warm city (between 27 and 32 ° C). It is a place that receives thousands of tourists every year and, those who decide to spend their time there, speak very well of the Barranquilla’s treatment, comparing it with the climate of the city.

La Arenosa has an excellent air quality which makes it more attractive for digital nomads because, with the whole issue of the environment, this is a huge plus, which adds to the quality of life in Barranquilla a very important natural luxury.

When visiting it, one might think that life would be very expensive, but the reality is that a person can live comfortably, completely and including a few luxuries like being close to the sea for about a thousand dollars a month.

As it is a tourist city, it has many places to visit such as the Castle of San Antonio de Salgar, Museum of the Caribbean, among others; They are full of nature, beautiful and worth knowing. But when it comes to just thinking about a place of leisure for the night, there’re not too many options, although it may surprise you with a magnificent gastronomic offer.

The security in Barranquilla is very good, perhaps one of the best in the country. You can walk quietly, exercise outdoors and talk to people who cross your path, but it goes without saying that anywhere in the world it is essential to be careful.

It is ranked fourth because of its workspaces and Wi-Fi. They are comfortable, but there are not many, so it makes it difficult for people to find a free place to fulfill their tasks. The free wifi is in specific and strategic points, but it is not high reach, a very important reason for people who are looking for a life that allows them to fulfill their work from afar.

La Arenosa of Colombia


Known as La Heroíca, it has the highest rating in terms of treatment to foreigners. By receiving so many tourists throughout the year, they are very friendly, making them feel welcome.

For this same reason is that there is also great diversity when looking for activities and places to visit, because you can see mountains, sea, sand, architecture, practically everything you want except for cold climates. And it has a historic center that makes the stay in Cartagena a unique, beautiful and enjoyable experience.

Zach tells us that it is, without a doubt, the most diverse place he has visited in Colombia. “I can do everything and see everything; people are beautiful so I can approach someone and in 5 minutes he will be my friend. But I can’t talk about leisure alone, in all the time I lived in Cartagena, I had a hard time finding a workspace.”

Cartagena, as well as Bogotá, is an expensive city. It is not difficult to access, but being tourist, it is valued by making its prices grow a little more than normal.

La Heróica, diverse Colombian city


One of the most beautiful cities in Colombia for its parks and green areas. It has one of the best air qualities in the country, making it a perfect place to go for a walk or ride a bike. The weather is incredible all year round (between 23 and 30 ° C).

Something important to mention is that, Bucaramanga, is not very used to having many foreigners and less for a long period. Therefore, those who have wanted to extend their stay, think again, because the kindness of the Bumangueses is different from other cities because they do not have these situations in their daily lives. For the same reasons why, they do not have many workspaces and access to a Wi-Fi network is extremely difficult.

Alexander Toro, from North Carolina, who lived a few years in Bucaramanga tells us that, “despite living in an excellent and safe place, fulfilling my responsibilities was difficult. People treated me very well and it’s beautiful, definitely a city to meet, but not the best to live if you have to answer for a job.”

The city that stands out for its parks and gardens.

This is our selection of 6 cities with the best quality of life in Colombia. Hopefully they have the opportunity to meet them, enjoy them, live them and take their own perception of each one of them.

All these make Colombia a wonderful country to live, work, retire, invest or simply discover.

Tell us, what is your favorite city to live in Colombia?