A simple guide to plan a trip to Colombia

A simple guide to plan a trip to Colombia

Our country, Colombia, is a magical and wonderful place. Full of beautiful and talented people, breathtaking landscapes, gastronomic diversity, unique local art, authentic music and vibrant places worth discovering.

Being the country chosen as the best tourist destination in the world by 2020 and which offers all kinds of activities, landscapes and emotions, it is the destination that many want to reach. For this, we want to help you with some tips to achieve the dream trip to Colombia.

The amount of places it offers is incredible and, probably, it will take more than one visit to the country to get to know everything you want, but that this is a motivation to connect repeatedly with the Colombian heart.

What is written here is a guide, it does not mean that you should follow everything to the letter, but it is good that you are informed and that you have a basis to meet your expectations of travel to Colombia.

Now, these are the 10 simple steps for your visit to Colombia!!

1. Start with a plan and a good suitcase

With 6 regions (Amazonia, Andean, Caribbean, Insular, Orinoquía, Pacific), Colombia is one of the countries with the greatest climatic diversity. This makes it possible for you to travel throughout the year in search of cold, heat, spring or rain. Each region has its charm and has that city or place you must visit.

The first thing you should do before traveling to Colombia, is to choose your travel route according to the destinations that most attract your attention; Research, read and inform yourself through various media and contact a receptive travel agency in Colombia to help you and advise you to make your tailored plan.

When you have defined your travel route, check what the weather is like and get ready to pack your suitcase accordingly; skirts, pants, divers, shorts, scarf, jackets, jeans, or a little of everything. It is always good to bring sunscreen and mosquito repellent.

By having this climatic variety, the items you should include in your suitcase consist of summer clothes, pants or jeans to cover your legs on cold days, hoddies, maybe a scarf or a raincoat to cover you from the rains, sunscreen and mosquito repellent.

Some of the places we recommend you put on the list for your first time in Colombia are:

In the Andean zone: Bogotá, Medellín and the Eje Cafetero. These are the main places that anyone in their first time in Colombia should know. You can also visit the beautiful, cultural and captive villages that are around them.

In the Caribbean area: Cartagena and Santa Marta keep stories and secrets that anyone who wants warmth, adventure and history should go. In addition, the surroundings of these also become very important destinations for the country and extremely fun for tourists and locals.

The Amazon keeps the greatest amount and diversity of fauna and flora of the country, a place full of nature and cultural differences. A place for those who want to leave their comfort zone and / or who prefers to be surrounded by nature. You will be able to see the pink dolphins, the little monkeys of the area and all the ethnic wealth that it has such as the Ticuna, Huitotos, Cocama or Yucunas).

2. Do not forget to manage the necessary documentation to enter and leave the country

Almost no country needs a visa to enter Colombia, it only needs a passport and an identification, this must be added proof that you will leave the country, either a flight back to the country of origin or a ticket that shows that you go to another country by air or land.

Colombia gives 90 days to be and travel the country, enough time to connect with the different regions and fall in love to the point of planning your next visit before leaving.

There are different pages where you can find out if you need a visa from your country to enter Colombia, you can check in visahq, the chancellery or on your favorite page so that you have all the requirements ready and only the expectation of a wonderful trip remains.

3. Feel safe, it is a worthwhile investment

There is no excuse for good health. It is very important to have good insurance for every trip you take outside your country. Nothing may happen, but it is important that you can visit a doctor in case of a problem, a complication or even have any questions about your personal health.

Medical services have a different price and quality in each country but Colombia has one of the best in the world at a completely accessible price, even more taking travel insurance, because the attention is much faster and economic.

4. Don’t let mosquitoes damage your trip

Colombia is a tropical country, so it is better to check the vaccines you should have to visit us. It does not mean there is an epidemic, but security is better than anything else.

One of the main vaccines to come is the Yellow Fever, which you are asked if you are going to visit other countries in the American continent leaving Colombia. So better to have it and prevent not only the disease, but also that they leave you without being able to leave to continue your trip.

Others that are recommended as prevention are: Hepatitis A and B, tetanus and ask the doctor about any medication to prevent malaria in case you go to visit the Amazon.

From 1 to 5 stars, always with the best quality

Being such an important site in the tourism field, Colombia is prepared with all kinds of comforts for you, from lodging to gastronomy and entertainment venues. This is why traveling to Colombia can be or very expensive if you want a 5-star trip only with the best hotels and restaurants; or very cheap looking for places of very good quality, but with a more favorable price for one who has a smaller budget.

Our official currency is the Colombian peso and we recommend that the exchange be made in exchange houses, in the official bank you have or if you prefer your card, then withdraw at points such as shopping centers. Airports are also a good option, but you may find it a bit more expensive than any of the above.

6. Leave the past behind, but “no des papaya”

The bad time Colombia spent with the whole issue of drug trafficking, kidnappings, guerrillas and robberies is no secret to anyone. This has improved over time, where the country has achieved a beautiful resilience in this regard and where each corner struggles to make known a great country with a thousand things to offer as the warm personality of the Colombians and not as the house of Pablo Escobar or the place where you couldn’t even walk.

Many use the following term which is completely suitable for visiting anywhere in the world: “no den papaya”. What does this mean? Do not show too much to not become an easy target. It is simply to make use of common sense and focus on enjoying your trip, fear stopped being part of your luggage a long time ago and we have worked hard to make everyone feel that way.

7. Move and explore all the options

What is the best way to move in the country?

It all depends on where you are. Medellín has an excellent transportation system such as the Metro, Metrocable, an extensive and safe bus line, Metroplus and Tram. But there are other places that don’t have these.

In Bogotá, the easiest option is the Transmilenio, but keep in mind that it is mass access; in Cali there is the MIO and the MIO cable that will help you to reach different places; Each city has bus lines that run through much of it, but does not reach all places.

An excellent and safe option would be to rent a car or hire private transportation, it could be a little more expensive, but you can move with ease, without having to depend on schedules, changes or final destinations. Everything you want to see you can do without problems or setbacks.

8. Sleep comfortably and quietly

Do not forget to look for your accommodation and book in advance, because nothing better than getting up to explore a country after a good night’s sleep.

We have different options, such as: hostels, luxury hotels, hotels with close proximity to nature, boutique hotels, glampings and apartments to rent if you have enough time for this option.

We want each of these to meet the taste and needs you may have, so be very specific in your search, the safest is that we will find the accommodation that will make you feel at home.

9. Do not stay incommunicated

Something very important and that could save you from many mishaps is having a local SIM with cellular data. In this way you can find recommendations for restaurants, places, tours and drivers, in addition to being able to find the addresses for the places you want to visit.

The most popular operators are Claro, Movistar and Tigo, in any of these with your passport they will easily sell you the SIM card you need to be better oriented both in the country, and with the language differences.

10. Every day offers you an experience, now design your own

And well, if you are going to travel through Colombia, the idea is that you do it in the best way. Give yourself the opportunity to live tours and relevant experiences that allow you to connect and create valuable memories of this wonderful place

We recommend you to search on the internet or advise you with your agency or hotel, so that you can live complete experiences with good guides, comfortable transportation, good quality food, that allow you to know each destination from its most recognized activities and places, but also those that they are not so much and keep the local essence.

If you are a slightly more demanding traveler contact specialized travel agencies where they will advise you to create your custom experience, according to your group of people, ages, diet, tastes and travel time, to meet all your travel expectations.

This is our simple guide to keep in mind when planning your trip to Colombia.

Some other details to keep in mind are: look for the flights that best suit you according to the chosen destinations and your travel itinerary to Colombia and of course enjoy the delicious cuisine typical of each region.